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General Merchandise - Cat Toys, Dishes, Grooming Aids, Over the Counter Medications

(note: this is a listing of suppliers that we often use and given as an alternative (often less expensive) to what you might normally find in your average pet store.)

KV Vet Supply - 800-423-8211 http://kvvet.com
Dishes, carriers, combs & brushes, OTC and prescription meds

PetEdge  800-638-5754   http://www.petedge.com/
Grooming supplies, toys

Specialty Products

It's A Cat Thing Cat Scratchers  http://sshowservice.com
Unique sisal cat scratchers/furniture. Large selection of handmade cat toys.

Furwood Forest
Rustic cat trees made of real hardwood branches and carpet. Variety of sizes from 1 level to 6+ level. Sturdy enough even for large cats

Never Miss Litterbox https://www.nvrmiss.com/
Has higher sides that both contain litter AND will contain the urine of cats that pee vertically. Available from the company, many individual veterinarians (refer to their list).

All Pets Considered (336) 540-1400 http://allpetsconsidered.com/
Offers online shopping for general animal merchandise and lots of specialty gifts.
Also supports many area animal rescue groups and users can specify a group to receive a portion of the profits of their purchase.

Recommended Reading

Cats for the Genius by Ramona Marek
Well-written, informative book about the history of the cats and an overview of breeds. More importantly, it offers advice about selecting a cat and preparing for it; how to feed, care, groom your cat; selecting a vet and information about feline diseases; and how to say goodbye to your companion and knowing when the time has come.
Available from "For the Genius" Press and on Amazon

"This Is The Russian Blue" by Ingeborg Urcia
The history and development of the Russian Blue in Europe and the United States. (unfortunately, out of print)

"Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook" by Dilbert Carlson, DVM and James Giffin, MD
Not a replacement for your vet, but a good resource for general at home care and diagnosing symptoms

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