marcus mah jongg of platina luna

Mah Jongg is a black Solid Persian. (The Persian breed is so large that the Persian Breed Council separated the breed into pattern divisions. Solid is one of these divisions, along with Tabby, Bi-Color, Silver & Golden, Smoke & Shaded, and Himalayan)

As part of her work to apply for CFA's Longhair Judging Program, Teresa must exhibit a variety of longhair breeds. She was fortunate enough to have Mark Hannon and David Raynor of Marcus Cattery offer her Mah Jongg as part of her work with the Persisan breed. She is a great example of her breed, becoming CFA Southern Region's 18th Best Cat in Premiership in the 2007-2008 show season.

Mah Jongg was really never the 'typical Persian' that  one thinks of and now in her retirement (where she doesn't have to worry about mussing her hair!) she enjoys nothing better than a good game of 'chase me, catch me' with anyone who is up for it!  Thanks Mark and David for adding a bit more fluff to our lives!

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