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Russian Blues Are NOT Hypoallergenic

(actually....most cats are not hypoallergenic)


Despite what you may have read on the internet, there are not breeds that are completely hypoallergenic. It makes for a good story, but it is simply not true.

Here are the facts

1. Reactions to cat-produced allergens (the Fel D1 protein found in cats' saliva, dander, hair) are NOT breed specific.  They are cat specific.  There is no truly ‘hypoallergenic’ breed of cat.

Please read this paper in the "Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology," regarding cat allergies.

2. SOME breeds and SOME individual cats MAY produce less Fel D1 than others. Factors involved are sex, age, diet, and health

3. It is impossible to know if someone will not be allergic to a specific breed or cat in a short visit (or even a t-shirt test).  

While an immediate reaction will give you an answer, if there is no reaction, that does not mean that living with a cat for weeks, months and years will not produce allergic reactions.

4. It is not fair to the cat or family members to get a pet that later needs to be rehomed due to allergies.

Adult family members with mild allergies may be able to control the reaction with environment specific attention (frequent vacuuming, wiping the cat down with a wet cloth daily, allergy medication, keeping the cat from bedrooms and clothes closets). Children, who may develop allergic asthma, are a different story and it is unlikely any pediatric allergist is going to say it’s OK to have a cat if a child has pet allergies.

We, along with most reputable breeders want their purposefully bred kittens and cats to go to ‘forever homes' where they will live out their life with their new owner. That is why we all act so deliberately in placing the right kitten/cat with the right home. No cat should have to bond with a new family, only for the family to realize that yes, that possible allergy has been triggered and their beloved cat must be rehomed.

It is not fair to the cat, nor is it fair to the family.