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Want information about:
• How we place our kittens?
• How to get on our waiting list?

Then read our Pet Buyer FAQs


To inquire about future kittens, email us at blues@platinaluna.com

What is a pet quality cat?
Pet cats are not "inferior" cats but simply cats that do not either meet their breed's standard or that a breeder cannot use in their breeding program.

And these faults are often so small that only a trained eye would detect them. For Russian Blues, it may be ears that are too high, a profile that isn't straight, coat color that is too dark, or a body that's not quite right. It does not mean that they are sickly or cats that are "cast off" cats.

A pet is a cat that carries traits that you don't want reproduced in a breeding program, but as a non-reproducing pet (for all pets are neuters or spays) will offer lots of love and warmth to its new owner.

Pets are often cats that have spent a couple of years in a breeding program, produced kittens to carry on their traits, and are now being retired to be able to spend the rest of their life as the center of someone else's life. Never think that an older cat will not "bond" with you - a Russian Blue truly wants nothing more than someone to love.

We sell pet quality kittens at the age of 4 months, when they have had all of their shots and been completely socialized. All pet kittens are sold with a neuter/spay agreement and males are often neutered before they leave the cattery.

Our "waiting list" consists of people whom we have talked with extensively and are comfortable placing a cat with, as well as their being comfortable with buying a cat from us. Simply saying "please put me on your waiting list" does not put a person on the list.

Please understand that as we are often months between litters, it is difficult for us to notify everyone who asks to be notified when kittens are available. The only persons assured of being notified are those who are on our list.

Interested in a kitten (or cat) and not quite sure how to go about it? Our recommendations are

• Decide what breed best suits your personality and lifestyle

• Do LOTS of research on that breed

• Find a breeder, or breeders - check Internet listings, but don't forget that most Registries (such as CFA) also have breeder listing. Or attend a cat show in your area - it's a great place to not only meet breeders, but learn about the cats as well.

• Find a breeder whom you are comfortable with (and who is comfortable with you). Inquire if they have a "waiting list" and see if you can get on it. That way, if a kitten or cat becomes available before either of you anticipate, you're readily available.

• Be prepared to wait. Russian Blues are not that common, and most breeders have more potential buyers than kittens available.

• Continue to check in with your breeder - this lets them know that you are still interested and you won't be forgotten.


We currently have no kittens available.
We will not have kittens available until late 2016 at the earliest

Page updated June 14, 2016