Sire: GC, RW Silverlock's Sputnik
Dam: GC, RW Roxanastasia’s Zorina Alexandra, DM

Call name: Binky

Binky was born in a litter of five grand champions or grand premiers to GC, RW Roxanastasia’s Zorina Alexandra, DM which completed Zorina's DM with a total of 8 grands. Zorina’s mother and grandmother were also DMs. (A DM, or Distinguished Merit, title honors a stud that has sired 15 Grand Champions or Premiers or a queen that has produced 5 Grands and is CFA's highest breeder award). Thus, Zhabinka is a fourth-generation DM.

Kay Wentling (Kaybill Cattery) remembered that we loved Zorina when she was being shown, and offered us Binky. Little did we know that Binky would become the major influence on our breeding program.

She is the mother of:

GC, NW BW Platina Luna's Time Bandit
GC, RW Platina Luna's Lone Star
GC, RW Platina Luna's Starbuck of Seeneekat
GC Platina Luna's Moondance of Kiska
GC Platina Luna's Moonflower
GC Platina Luna's Windstar
GC Platina Luna's Blinken

Photo copyright of Vicki

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