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  The Russian Blue Cats of Platina Luna
Many cats have been a part of the Platina Luna cattery. Some came from other breeders, some were born in our cattery. Some are still in our breeding program, others have retired and are either still with us as beloved pets, or have retired to pet homes.

Click on each cat's photo to learn more about that cat.

There are other Platina Luna cats in other catteries throughout the world. Click HERE to visit them.

Confused as to what all those letters mean?
Click here for an explanation to the titles and naming conventions in the Cat Fanciers' Association


GC, BW, NW Platina Luna's Blade Runner

bandit GC, BW, NW Platina Luna's Time Bandit
aja GC, NW, Platina Luna's Time Out-Of-Mind
dreamtime GC, BW, RW Platina Luna's Dreamtime
songline GC, RW Platina Luna's Songline
tex GC, RW Platina Luna's Lone Star
dragonfly GC, RW Platina Luna's Dragonfly
binky GC Kaybill's Zhabinka of Platina Luna, DM
ryusei GC Snow-Island Ryusei of Platina Luna
MJ GP, RW Marcus Mah Jongg of Platina Luna
fluffy GP, RW Katskans Fluff-n-Puff
aussie GC Platina Luna's Aurora Australis
moonflower GC Platina Luna's Moonflower

GC Platina Luna's Southern Cross, DM

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