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  Pet Buyers' faqs

Do you currently have kittens available?

Check the Available Cats page - it is always kept current. From our experience, we usually have a waiting period of several months for kittens.  Whenever we have older cats to place, they will be listed there as well.

At what age do you sell your kittens?

We release kittens at the age of 4 months, when they have been completely socialized and had all of their shots. No, this is not to "late" to send them to a new home and they will bond just as firmly with their new owners as any younger kitten. Beware of anyone who would sell you a kitten at a very young age as this does jeopardize both its health.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes. It consists of people that we've talked to extensively and feel would provide a good home for a kitten.

How do I get on it?

Drop us an email at blues@platinaluna.com. Tell us a bit about yourself, your household, and your experience with cats. We eventually like to have an actual conversation with potential buyers so that both parties can be ensured that they are happy with each other (for it is just as important that the buyer be happy with the seller as us with the buyer).

If both parties are happy with each other, we will ask for a $100 refundable deposit. We do this as we have in the past had too many potential buyers ask to be put on our list, only to find a cat elsewhere and not let us know.

Can you just contact me when you have kittens available?

We usually have a least a couple of people on our waiting list at any time. Due to our time constraints, we cannot just contact everyone who has asked to be notified when a kitten is available.

Will it really be that long before I can get a kitten?

Not necessarily. People's lives change and that often impacts whether they can take a kitten when we have one available. When we have kittens available, the first person on the list has the first pick of pet kittens. Sometimes that time is not always right for them to bring a kitten into their household (due to unexpected financial constraints, moving, a temporary change in lifestyle) or the sex available is not what they would prefer. We have had people wait as long as a year before we had a kitten of any type available, and we have placed kittens with families who did not expect to have a kitten for 4 months or more. We once placed almost an entire litter with people who were not the original intended owners.

Best advice: Establish a relationship with a breeder (whether it is our cattery or another) and get on their list. You may have to wait a while, but if a kitten suddenly becomes available, you will be promptly notified.

Must my cat/kitten be neutered or spayed?

Yes. This is not negotiable. The kitten is being sold as a pet because it has traits that are undesirable (however slight) in the breed. And the average person does not understand the rigors of dealing with whole animals. Ask yourself - do you really want a cat that urinates anywhere and calls loudly to find a mate in your household? That and a whole cat will never really be all yours.

I'd like to get a Russian Blue as a gift for my mother/friend/etc.

We do not sell cats as gifts. We must talk to the final owner of the cat to ensure that it is going into a good home and that they understand the responsibility of owning a cat.

Do you ship?

Only if we absolutely have to and it is feasible to do so. New airport security measures sometimes precludes our shipping. Average cost for shipping now is upwards of $170. It is safer and easier on the cat if the new owner can pick them up in person, whether that be by car, or flying with the cat in the cabin.

Can I visit your cattery?

We encourage all new pet buyers to visit the cattery from which they will purchase a cat. That way, they can see the conditions that the cat has been raised in and the condition that the other cats are in. We welcome all approved potential buyers, however, we cannot accommodate the casual visitor. Beware of any breeder who absolutely will not let you see where and how their cats are raised - they might just be precautious, or it could be a sign of trouble.

I really want a cat now and I'll pay extra.

Sorry, but we honor pet contracts in the order in which they are received. If a contracted buyer is unable to take the kitten when it becomes available, then the next person on the list is contacted. Sorry, but that is the only fair way to proceed.

I have a cat that I'd like to breed to a Russian Blue just so I can have a kitten from her. Would you provide stud service?

No. No legitimate breeder would do this. It is both irresponsible to the breed and to the pet overpopulation problem as a whole. Also, most pet owners are unaware of the complications of pregnancies, so you would also be endangering your beloved pet's life.

Do you sell to pet stores?

Absolutely not. And you should be wary of buying a kitten from a pet store. They might have the records of the cat, but they have no interest in the cat's health or well being or its final home. If you indeed want a pedigreed cat, then contact a reputable breeder where you will be ensured of the cat's health and history. You'll also have someone to contact in case you have a question about the kitten in the future.

If you don't have kittens available, can you tell me someone who does?

Check the RBF breeder listing at RussianBlue.info 
Also look at the Russian Blue Breed Support listings for Russian Blues looking for a new home.