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  Russian Blue links

Russian Blues

The CFA Russian Blue Standard

Russianblue.info - The World of Russian Blues
Contains lots of info about Russian Blues, links, breeder listings, pics, Russian Blue history. Also contains the Russian Blue Fanciers' Club website - a CFA breed club.

CFA Russian Blue Breed Council
Official site for the Cat Fanciers' Association Russian Blue Breed Council.Breed information; photographs of National and Regional Winning Russian Blues; listings of Grand Champions, Grand Premiers, and cats of Distinguished Merit.

Russian Blue.org
One of the best places on the web to learn about Russian Blues
Links to other Russian Blue websites, articles

A Japanese site with both English and Japanese versions. Excellent depiction of the Russian Blue standard, Russian Blues being shown in Japan, lots of links to both English and Japanese Russian Blue sites.

Russian Blue Breed S upport
Pedigreed Russian Blues who need to be placed in new homes
and older Russian Blues retiring from breeding programs

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Other Cat-Related Links

The Cat Fanciers' Association
The world's largest registry of pedigreed cats
Breed profiles of every breed, many with additional articles.
Additional information on cat care and welfare, show schedules, links to regional sites.

The Feline Breeder Referral List
THE site to visit if you're trying to find a breeder.
Includes listing for retired cats as well.

CFA's Cat Show Schedule -
Locate and visit a cat show near you!

Toxoplasmosis and cats
Article with additional links about the subject of cats, toxoplasmosis, and pregnancy. No, you don't have to place your companion because you are pregnant.

VAS Awareness
Too much vaccination is a bad thing. Information on Vaccine Associated Sarcomas (VAS) - a preventable form of feline cancer.

Two Lumps
Good comic strips about cats are rare. Good comic strips about Russian Blues are practically non-existant - except for this one. I think we've had a couple of Ebenezers and Snooches in our time. Enjoy!