platina luna's blade runner

Sire:  GC Chayat Alexander Petrovich of Heartbeeps
Dam: CH Platina Luna's Moonshine

Cat Fanciers' Association's Second Best Cat - 2009
CFA Southern Region's Best Cat - 2009

Runner began his long show career in 2007 at the age of 4 months. He was a nice kitten and earned enough points to be the Southern Region's 11th Best Kitten but he wasn't the showstopper that he would be when he became an adult.  He was a one show grand (a rare acheivement). Due to other commitments, he was only shown briefly as an adult in the 2007-08 show season, and earned the additional title of 24th Best Cat in the Southern Region.

Platina Luna's Blade Runner
GC, BW, NW Platina Luna's Blade Runner

In October 2008 he competed at the CFA Madison Square Garden Show and was awarded Best In Show. Very quickly, his little blue face was seen in a lot of places outside of the showhall.....such as live on "Regis and Kelly, " features in the New York Post , New York Daily News, Epoch Times , Sports Illustrated , and as a Weekend Update item on Saturday Night Live !

Time and hormones eventually caught up with Runner. By now he was over a year and a half old - in his early twenties in human time, and 9 months into "adulthood" and far past the age where most males cats are more interested in females than in Eskimo-kissing humans.  The smells and sounds in a showhall were too much for him, and he made it very clear that he did not want to be there. And so, he went on hiatus for a few months. He had been at the top of the standings all season, and would remain there until the last month of the show season - even with his hiatus.

After a long rest and some behavior modification, Runner came back out and - for a while - was his old self. But once again, he decided that he wasn't happy, and this time his retirement was for good. But he's happily at home with us and giving us kisses on a very regular basis

We LOVED showing Runner and wouldn't have missed any of the adventures that he led us on. Our travels with him took us over most of the eastern US, plus Germany and France.

Ah, Runner!  Will there EVER be another cat like you?


Platina Luna's Blade Runner

Things changed dramatically with the start of the 2008-09 show season as he was at a show almost every weekend, winning the hearts of judges, exhibitors, and spectators alike.

Runner was simply a charmer on the show bench. He'd come out and s-t-r-e-t-c-h contentedly. He might then turn around and greet the judge with stretch up their front and then give them an Eskimo kiss (which he routinely does with us and his vet). But it was when he would just sit on the bench and survey the audience that would take people's breath away. Beauty and regalness all in one package.

During his show career, he competed at and won several very prestiegous shows. At the National Capital Cat Show (almost always the largest show on the East Coast) he received Best Cat in all 8 rings - a feat that had never been achieved at that top level show!

 blade runner

photos copyright Chanan

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